Genesis has been released!! So what are you waiting for!? Go get it!


I uploaded a reference tactical battle system for the OHR under the games page today. If you are curious in alternate battle systems you may want to check it out.


Ok, so the website is finally up. Every page works, even if they don't all have content just yet. There's a fan section, but sadly, right now we have no fans. Soooo, anybody who wants to submit some doodles or writings having to do with us or our games, feel free to. Send all submitions to . Check back often for more updates! Oh, and Sephy's birthday is today. He wants everyone to know that.

Special thanks to CastleParadox and all its crew for hosting our little website. If it weren't for them, we'd probably be hosted by angelfire.


  We're boring. Trust me, you don't want to know about us. Just go and click on the links on the left column. You know you want to....